Let’s Play package Quarterly Subscription Ages: 8-12

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When you subscribe to Let’s Play packages, you are purchasing 2 subscription boxes – one for you and one for your cherished child. You will see two items in your shopping cart for a total price of $64.98.

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  • Let's Play package Quarterly Subscription Child Box Ages: 8-12



When you subscribe to Let’s Play packages, 2 subscription boxes are mailed each quarter. One to you and one to your cherished child.

Space to Shine
Are you ready to shine? This space mission offers exciting play opportunities while orbiting real out-of-this-world exploration. Rocket to the moon and be captivated by space inventions and discoveries. Play with cosmic slime and build your own miniature space vehicles. It’s time to experience inspiration, expand your imagination, and hang out in the Milky Way together!

Jurassic Adventures
Think mammoth fun! Let’s discover a world that existed millions of years ago filled with bizarre and interesting plants. Prepare to be enthralled with facts about carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore dinosaurs that vanished. Hold on as we are transported into a lush tropical setting with hidden quests around every corner. Paleontologists and explorers, your expedition awaits!

Pretend to be a superhero flying through the sky, leaping buildings in a single bound, making the world a better place. We are invincible, confident, and looking for moments to save the day. This theme reminds us we all can be superheroes. Hold on to your capes. Put on your mask. We are about to have a blast of happiness!

Around the World in 90 Days
Whip out your passports and tour the world through a global collection of snacks, games, and delights. It’s time to share where you’ve been and dream about new escapades. This Around the World theme is your ticket to universal laughter, intergenerational fun, and making merry memories.

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Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in
Age Group

4-7, 8-12