LET’S PLAY packages bring you and the children in your life closer together
creating happy memories that will last a lifetime.

Perfect for cool grandparents, aunts, uncles, and long-distance parents.

How it works

Subscribe to Let’s Play

Subscribe to Let’s Play packages. Choose your child’s age, 4-7 or 8-12. You and your play-partner will receive corresponding packages within a few weeks. And then again each quarter.

Start a Video Call

Once you have both received your packages, use Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, or any video chat program you prefer, to start a video call with your play partner.

The Magic Begins

Open your Let’s Play packages and the fun begins: Blow bubbles, tinker with scientific principles, read stories, or soar into an imaginary adventure that brings you closer together.

Red headed boy playing with dinosaur while on zoom with grandmother

What’s included

Let’s Play packages are filled with fun, adventure, laughs, and conversation. Every three months you and your play partner receive a new fun-filled theme such as superheroes, the ocean, space, art, and more!

Your Subscription Box Includes:

  • engaging books and props
  • fun activities and games, and
  • crafts to make and swap (prepaid postage -to swap- included)

Instructions, conversation starters, supplies plus tips and ideas enhance your play experience.

Best of all, each package will fill your play partner with delight and anticipation as they wait to see what is inside when you open them together.

Let’s Play packages are so convenient. Just order once and automagically they are delivered to your doors once a quarter. And they are affordable too! Priced at just $64.98 per quarter (plus tax and shipping) and $32.98 per box for each additional child you save 35% to 60% off retail when items are purchased individually.

Give the gift both you and the cherished child in your life will enjoy. Subscribe today!

Extraordinary Activities

We search far and wide to include extraordinary activities in each Let’s Play subscription box. As a bonus, all the activities are educational and designed to encourage child development. They are all STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) based, but don’t tell your play partner. They’ll never know. They’ll just know how much fun they are having playing with you.

Imagine your child’s delight as you:

  • create a winter wonderland of snow out of polymers
  • introduce them to astronaut food as you learn about space, or
  • work on an arts and crafts project and then mail your projects to one other.

Give yourself and the child you’re missing something to look forward to. Subscribe today!

What made us create
Let’s Play packages?

Have you ever noticed how quickly a conversation is over when you call your grandchild, niece, nephew, or a favorite child that lives miles away?

We did. And, it’s almost impossible to go beyond the basics of how are you before they’re ready to go do something else. It’s hard to nourish a relationship with a child from a distance. But Let’s Play packages allow you to do just that!

Let’s Play packages include up to 10 hours of activities that make it easy to keep a child engaged.

Children may not remember most of the gifts that you give them but they will always remember, and later cherish, the time you spent with them.

Start making memories with the child in your life today!

We couldn’t have said it better…

Super Fun

The Let’s Play packages are super fun. My girls really enjoyed getting one-on-one attention from Grand mama. They felt special and it gave me time to spend individual time with each of my girls which rarely happens.


My Son Screamed

The word excitement is an understatement.  My son was so excited he screamed when he opened his box and saw all the cool dinosaur stuff.

— Ray

It’s My Mini Get-Away

My little guy gets so excited when it’s time to play with his Grandmother.  I love it as much as he does because when he plays with grandmother I get to read my book. It is my mini get-away!


I Didn’t Even Know I Would Like It

What I like best about the Let’s Play packages is just having fun and playing. I liked getting something I didn’t even know I would like and then playing with it with my Grana.

— Kayleigh, Age 8

Everybody loves a deal

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