Honest Feedback Discount

Although Rent-A-Theme Entertainment prides itself on being an economical choice for group events, we realize that, at times, even the most reasonably priced services can create a financial hardship. That is why we are introducing the Honest Feedback Discount.

What the Discount Gets You

An Unforgettable Event

As always, R.A.T.E. aims to ensure that with our theme kits you get an amazing event you won't soon forget.

Substantial Discount

The Honest Feedback Discount varies by theme kit, but prices are slashed by up to 50%!

Full Day with Theme Kit

The Honest Feedback Discount still allows your group to enjoy the theme kit for the entire day, just at a fraction of the cost.

How to Get the Discount

We Choose the Kit

To ensure we get enough feedback on every kit, Rent-A-Theme will select the kit you receive - but it's sure to be a great one!

We Record You Giving Feedback

Honest feedback helps a customer satisfaction-oriented company like R.A.T.E. tremendously. That is why our Honest Feedback Discount requires a brief video recording of you telling us your honest feedback.

We Take a Few Pictures

R.A.T.E. loves and needs photos of our theme kits when they are fully set up. As part of the Honest Feedback Discount, R.A.T.E. will take photos of the equipment as well as stills of the event staff with the equipment.

That’s it! Call today to learn more about the Honest Feedback Discount and to book your theme kit.