Give the Gift of PLAY

Partner with us and make the world a better place with PLAY.

When you schedule a PLAY event for the month of October, November or December you also donate the gift of PLAY to a refugee camp through the One World Play Project. Your play choice makes a difference in the lives of children around the world!

One World Play Project is on a mission to take Play everywhere, starting with those who need it most. In the midst of war-torn and impoverished communities they deliver PLAY. For more information visit

Play is powerful. It is an extraordinary teacher, a joy maker, and relationship builder. The benefits of PLAY are much too numerous to completely express. Professors, doctors, and scientist agree children need PLAY.     Rent-A-Theme believes this so strongly that we offer PLAY events that provide a wholly positive experience where play drives connection, curiosity, critical thinking, and self-empowerment – not to mention extreme fun!

Book your PLAY event today and GIVE THE GIFT OF PLAY!

Children playing with blue balls received from one world play