Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is included?

A: See individual theme kit description pages.

Q: How many people can the theme kits comfortably serve?

A: This number will vary by theme kit. Check individual Theme Kit description pages for more information.

Q: Can I use the theme kits outside?

A: Absolutely! Many of the theme kits are designed for indoor use but we offer outside set-up for an additional fee. Chef for a Day, Kidnetics, Savvy Scrapbooking, and Science FX can only be used indoors.

Q: How long is the rental time and can I rent the theme kit for a longer period of time?

A: Rental time for school and camp events is about 7-8 hours, unless otherwise stated; time can be extended. For businesses and others, the rental time is 4 hours but can be booked for a longer time period.

Q: What time is delivery/pick-up?

A: Standard drop-off time is between 6:30-9 am; pick-up is between 3:30-6 pm.

Q: Do I set up/unpack the theme kit? Can you set it up for me?

A: This varies by theme kit. Most are customer set-up and repack, and these include guides for proper re-packing into theme kit containers. We do offer set-up for an additional fee. For some theme kitsWe Rock, Now Showing, and Golf N Games set-up is free. Others do not require any real setupSavvy Scrapbooking.

Q: What are the most popular kits?

A: The top three most popular theme kits varies depending on the type of event. For schools, the most popular theme kits are Block Party, We Rock, and Mega Moves. For seniors, it’s Mega Moves, Golf N Games, and Now Showing. For corporate events, Mega Moves, Block Party, and Now Showing are the top three theme kits. 


Q: Price for each theme kit?

A: Due to variance in our pricing, stemming from a number of factors, we ask that you call for a quote.

Q: How and when do I pay for the theme kit?

A: We accept checks and school PO’s with a payment at the time of delivery, as well as credit card payments. 

Q: How much for additional rental time?

A: An After-Hours fee of $75 is charged for evening events and to extend rental time until 10pm. A Late After-Hours fee of $150 is charged to extend rental time until Midnight 12am. We do not offer overnight rentals, except for theme kits already listed as 3 day rentals. One notable exception is for After-Prom events, in which case we recommend calling for a specific quote. 

Q: Mileage fees for long distances?

A: A long distance fee is only charged for locations more than 25 mi from the Rent-A-Theme Entertainment office. $75 round-trip fee ($37.50 each way). At this time, delivery/pick-up for locations greater than 50 miles from the office fee is $150.00.


Q: Can we use the theme kits for large event groups?

A: Sure! We suggest using more than one theme kit with larger groups to avoid guests waiting in long lines to play. Some work better than others for group events. Around the World, Block Party, Blue Adventures, Golf N Games, Mega Moves, Now Showing, and Under the Big Top are excellent large event theme kits.

Q: What ages are recommended for the theme kits?

A: Theme kits are designed for ages 3-103. Pre-school children (3-5 years) will need extra adult assistance and supervision. Theme kits for preschoolers include Block Party, Blue Adventures, Chef for a Day, Under the Big Top, and Science FX. Rent-A-Theme kits are NOT Recommended for children under 3 years of age.