Around the World

Get out your passports, prepare for fun, and tour the world through a global collection of life-size board games. Visit North Africa with a six foot mancala game. Stop by India, Norway, and many other great destinations for an awesome international gaming experience. We’ll bring the music, giant games and oh yeah… the nine foot globe! This theme kit is the ticket to universal laughter, entertainment, and harmony.

 Around the World Options

  • 8 different games from around the world
  • Dry erase maps, labeled and blank
  • 9′ blow-up Earth globe (ceiling clearance )
  • Geo cards: 5 card games in one box
  • 2 Interactive ‘Around the US’ Maps
  • 19′ World Parachute (add-on for children)
  • Memory matching Game
  • Children’s songs from around the world CDs
  • Around the world trivia cards
  • Tanagram puzzle game (for adult/senior events)

Given the height of the globe, the event facility must have at least a 9′ ceiling clearance


Around the World Games

Chinesenspiel–Germany (Meaning Chinese Game) Goal: Traverse your piece all the way around the board and then to the center, which is Home. Similar to Parcheesi.

Fox and Geese–Norway Goal: Fox to capture/eat geese, or geese to surround/imprison fox. Similar to Checkers, except pieces can move in any direction.

Halma–America Goal: To be the first to get all of your pieces from one corner of the board to the opposite. Chinese Checkers was inspired from Halma.

Mancala–North Africa (Meaning to move) Goal: To collect more stones/seeds than your opponent by moving them strategically around the board and into your ‘storehouse.’

Leap Frog–Multiple Continents Goal: Use discs on a large floor board instead of bodies and leap them over one another.

Nine Men’s Morris–Egypt Goal: Create a strategy to remove your opponent’s pieces from the board until they have fewer than 3 left, or are unable to move

Rock, Paper, Scissors–China Goal: Have your object beat that of your opponent; uses large foam “dice” instead of hands.

Tower of Hanoi–India Goal: Several different-sized discs stacked on one rod, from largest to smallest, forming a tower. Goal is to move the entire stack one at a time to one of 2 other rods, recreating the tower, without stacking larger on top of smaller during the process.