Our Mission

Believing in the infinite power of play to enrich lives, Rent-A-Theme Entertainment provides experiences that manifest human potential in all it forms: Curiosity, creativity, imagination; a mind to invent, collaborate and problem-solve; the instinct to build community and have fun (to name but a few). Our mission is big in scope but simple in intent. We transform lives-body, mind and soul-through the joy of play.

Rent-A-Theme Entertainment, founded in 2009, was established with a passion to ignite a thirst for learning. Though our theme kits assuredly provide fun-filled entertainment, our organization was formed with three pillarsinteractive learning, sharing of resources, and strengthening of relationshipssupporting our core principle: the benefits of play are endless. Rent-A-Theme Entertainment continues to spread in popularity. With our presence in schools, senior communities, and corporate and private events, we are allowing all ages to enjoy collaborative, creative interaction in new and joyful ways.

In assembling all of our theme kits, Rent-A-Theme Entertainment strives to use American-made products and equipment whenever possible.