Games to Play on Facetime with Grandchildren

Are you looking for games to play on Facetime (Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.) with your grandchildren?  You came to the right place. At Rent-a-Theme Entertainment, we are strong proponents of play.

We believe that everyone, children and adults alike, needs to play some every day. We also believe that you should be able to play with your grandchildren regardless of how far away they live. 

Perhaps the best thing to come out of the 2020 pandemic was the emergence of video conferencing software to connect family members and friends who don’t live nearby. iPhone users have known about Facetime for a while, but Zoom has practically become a household word.   

So, now that you can connect with your grandkids online, what games work long distance? You can’t necessarily put a puzzle together if you’re not in the same room. Likewise, you can’t play Go Fish if you aren’t playing from the same deck. The answer is Let’s Play packages.

Let’s Play packages: online games for grandparents and grandchildren

Let’s Play packages are convenient subscription boxes that deliver online games and activities for grandparents to play with their grandchildren. They take all the guesswork out of how to play long-distance and keep your grandchildren entertained.

And with Let’s Play packages, you actually can put a puzzle together with your grandchild because you both get the same packages shipped to your door. When your grandchild needs help, you can show them the puzzle piece they need from your puzzle.

Created by a grandparent for grandparents, matching Let’s Play packages are shipped quarterly to both you and your grandchild. They include curated interactive activities that you will love working on together.

Hours of online play

Each Let’s Play package includes everything you and your grandchild need for more than 10 hours of play. Of course, we don’t recommend you do everything in one session. Depending on the age of your grandchild, an hour or 90 minutes is an excellent playdate.

Picture shows games to play on Facetime. Boy dressed as superhero looking at mom who appears on tablet also dressed like superhero

Fun themes

Each package is designed around a fun theme, like superheroes, the ocean, or space travel, to name just a few.

Educational Activities

As a bonus, all the activities are educational and designed to encourage child development. They are all STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) based, but your grandchild will never know. They’ll just know how much fun they are having playing with you.

Imagine your grandchild’s delight as you:

  • create a winter wonderland of snow out of polymers
  • introduce them to astronaut food as you learn about space, or
  • work on an arts and crafts project and then mail your projects to one other.

Everything’s Included

Let’s Play packages make connecting with your grandchildren easy. Everything you need, all the supplies, and easy-to-follow instructions are included, including the postage to mail your projects.

Grandparents across the country love the convenience of Let’s Play packages, and you will too. Once you receive your packages, all you need to do is connect with your grandchild via video conference and start playing.

Get your Let’s Play package subscription today!